About us

Everyone needs somewhere they can go to catch up with family, friends or colleges, or even spend some quiet time alone perhaps reading a book, and that’s exactly what we had in mind when we started out. From freshly baked treats to delicious coffee, we’ve got everything you need right here.

Where to find us

Issie Kitchen Café is centrally located in Van Riebeeck Street, just a stroll away from Bredasdorp’s renowned Shipwreck Museum. The veranda seating is the ideal spot to indulge in your favourite coffee and enjoy delicious café fare.

Contact us

10 Van Riebeeck Street, Bredasdorp 7280
Contact Number: +27 82 892 4356
Email: bookings@issie.co.za

Our food and drink

Issie Kitchen Café is the ideal spot to indulge in your favourite coffee and enjoy delicious café fare, including all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, hamburgers, wraps, salads, soups and filled pancakes. Issie Kitchen Café does take advance table reservations and is available to be booked for private functions.



Your eggs can be ordered fried, scrambled or poached with your choice of home-baked white, brown or rye bread toast.

Breakfast Plate: Two eggs, two rashers of bacon, sautéed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a slice of toast with jam and butter - R100.00

Mini Breakfast: One egg, two rashers of bacon, grilled tomato, small portion of chips and a slice of toast with jam and butter - R80.00

Eggs on Toast: Two slices of toast from the bread selection and two eggs the way you like them - R70.00

Smashed Avocado Toast: Freshly smashed avocado served with two slices of your choice of toast - R100.00

Smashed Avocado and Egg Toast: Freshly smashed avocado with poached eggs served with your choice of toast - R110.00

 Smashed Avocado, Egg and Bacon Toast: Freshly smashed avocado, two poached eggs and two rashers of bacon served with your choice of toast - R120.00

Mediterranean: Wilted spinach, feta and sautéed cherry tomatoes topped with an egg done the way you like it - R80.00

Pesto Mushroom Toast: Sautéed mushrooms and pesto served on your choice of toast with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese - R90.00

Breakfast Bowl: Muesli, plain yoghurt and honey served with fresh seasonal fruit - R80.00

Omelette: A three-egg omelette filled with cheddar cheese, served with our tomato relish and your choice of toast with jam and butter - R80.00

Three Cheese Omelette: Three-egg omelette with cheddar, feta and mozzarella served with your choice of toast with jam and butter - R115.00

Extras: Bacon or Macon - R35.00   

                 Beef Sausage - R35.00        

      Smoked Trout - R45.00   

                 Feta - R30.00                         

                 Avocado - R35.00                

                 Mushrooms - R30.00          

                 Tomato - R30.00                  

                 Portion of Chips - R30.00


Served with a small side salad or chips.

Plain Croissant: Served with jam and cheese - R45.00

Bacon and Cheese - R90.00

Bacon and Egg - R90.00

Bacon and Banana - R90.00

Avocado and Cheese - R95.00

Bacon, Feta and Avo - R105.00

Egg and Smoked Trout - R105.00


2 Pancakes served with the filling of your choice.

Savoury Fillings:

Served with a side order of salad or chips.

Curry Mince with Grated Cheddar Cheese - R95.00

Chicken Mayonnaise - R95.00

Wilted Spinach, Mushrooms and Feta - R90.00

Sweet Fillings:

Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cinnamon Sugar - R40.00

Pancakes with Honey - R45.00

Cinnamon Sugar, Banana and Caramel Sauce - R75.00

Mixed Berries and Nutella - R85.00


All wraps are filled with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, and served with a side salad or chips.

Bacon and Egg - R90.00

Mushroom and Egg - R85.00

Chicken Mayonnaise - R95.00

Smoked Trout, Cream Cheese & Avocado - R135.00


All served with a small portion of chips.

Beef Burger - R70.00

Cheese Burger - R75.00

Chicken Nuggets - R60.00


Soup of the Day: Served with your choice of home-baked bread or roosterkoek - R75.00

Chicken Caesar Salad: Crispy romaine or cob lettuce topped with a sliced chicken breast, croutons, crispy bacon bits, parmesan cheese shavings and classic Caesar salad dressing - R145.00

Chicken & Bacon Salad: Fresh seasonal greens topped with chicken strips, bacon, feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onions and salad dressing - R135.00

Smoked Trout Salad: Fresh seasonal greens topped with smoked trout ribbons, cherry tomatoes and avocado, served with lemon wedges, cream cheese and home-baked rye bread - R155.00


Homemade 200g pure beef patty, served with a side order of chips or salad.

Regular Beef Burger - R105.00

Cheese Burger - R115.00

Bacon and Cheese Burger - R140.00

Cheese and Avocado Burger - R140.00

Bacon, Cheese and Avocado Burger - R150.00

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Burger - R150.00


Toasted Sandwiches prepared with your choice of home-baked bread, served with a side salad or small portion of chips.

Cheese - R60.00

Cheese and Tomato - R70.00

Three Cheese: Mozzarella, cream cheese, cheddar and wholegrain mustard - R80.00 

Ham and Cheese - R75.00

Ham, Cheese and Tomato - R80.00

Chicken Mayonnaise - R80.00

Bacon, Egg and Cheese - R80.00


Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce - R60.00

Scone: Served with jam and cream - R45.00

Cake Slice - R60.00



Espresso Single - R25.00   

                Double - R30.00

Americano - R30.00

Cappuccino Regular - R35.00       

                          Grande - R45.00       

                          Add Cream +R10.00

Latte - R40.00


Ceylon, Earl Grey or Rooibos, served with hot or cold milk - R25.00

Red Cappuccino - R35.00

Red Latte - R40.00 

Chai Latte - R40.00

Hot Chocolate - R45.00

Almond Milk with any of the above +R10.00


Mineral Water: Still or Sparkling - R20.00

Soda Drinks:

Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange, Crème Soda - R30.00

Appletizer or Red Grapetizer - R35.00 

Fruit Juice Blend - R25.00

Fresh Pressed Orange Juice - R40.00

Iced Coffee - R40.00

Ice TeaLemon, Peach or Lime and Ginger - R30.00

Fruit Smoothies: Mixed Fruit - R45.00

Milkshakes: Strawberry or Chocolate        

Large - R50.00

Small - R35.00

Soda Floats: Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange, Crème Soda - R50.00